What you need to know . . .

Buying number plates in the UK requires you to show the correct documentation.

It is illegal to change the number/letter spacing on your number plates.

Faulty or illegal number plates can result in a fine of up to £1000

Create & Collect

Choose your vehicle type and number plate size and shape

With one click, your details and your
plates will be sent through to the
store, ready to be created as soon as
you arrive with documentation.

Frequent Questions

What documents can I use when collecting my plates?

To create your plates, we will need to see documents that . . .
A: Prove your name and address
B: Show you’re allowed to use the registration number
For a full list of regulatory documents, please click here

Can I customise my plate legally?

All of the customisations you can make through our Number Plate Creator are legal and permitted on UK vehicles.

How long will it take to create my plates?

Once you have paid for your plates, the order will come through to our store. Providing all items are in stock, we will create them as soon as we see your regulatory paperwork.